About Us


Who we are

The Jon C Burr Foundation is nonprofit organization headquartered in Alexandria, VA.  Since 2002, we have been focused on changing Public Health Policy to make Oral Healthcare more affordable for all Americans.  We can no longer accept the lack of access to affordable Oral Health due to the gap in Public Policy.  Our goal is to  educate the general public and to put pressure on our legislatures to add Oral Healthcare to Medicare and Medicaid. 


What we do


In 2019, the Jon C Burr foundation finalized the production of our documentary, Hidden Pain: America’s Oral Health Crisis. The film addresses the pain, suffering and enormous cost to the American people of not providing access to oral health care. 

The purpose of the film is to educate and motivate people and shine a bright light on an issue that has grown in the darkness for far too long.


Our founder

Betty Peebles, RDH, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's dental hygiene school in 1959. She founded the Jon C Burr Foundation in 2002 in hopes of closing the coverage gap in Medicaid and Medicare surrounding Oral Health. It is her goal to change Oral Health Public Policy to merge Dental care into overall medical care and funding.