All People have
a Right to Dental Care

We Believe

  • All People have a right to dental care.
  • Good Oral Health is critical to good general health.
  • Dental Professionals and the communities they serve have a moral responsibility to assure that every person has access to good dental care.
  • People are suffering with preventable/curable oral healthcare diseases because they are poor.
  • We can no longer accept the lack of access to affordable Oral Health because of inequity in Public Policy.

The Current Health Crisis can be solved by:

Creating Awareness

Accepting Ownership

Political Action to change public policies and behaviors

Creating Awareness

JCB Foundation will create a powerful story in lectures and film to educate and enroll students, educators and dental practitioners and their community to focus on solutions.

We will create a documentary that will be presented in Schools, Associations and Conferences.

This project will include Podcasts, Ted talks and Social Media to encourage all Stakeholders in the Community to take action in two areas:

  • Increase access to affordable Dental Care in local Communities by offering funding Opportunities.
  • Political Action to Fight for Adult Dental Coverage to be included in Medicaid and Medicare.

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