We Believe


  • All People have a right to dental care.
  • Good Oral Health is critical to good general health.
  • Dental Professionals and the communities they serve have a moral responsibility to assure that every person has access to good dental care.
  • It is not acceptable that people suffering with preventable/curable oral healthcare diseases because they are poor.
  • We can no longer accept the lack of access to affordable Oral Health due to the lack of Public Policy

About Us

Creating Awareness


The JCB Foundation has created a powerful story in lectures and film to help educate students, educators, Dentists and the Healthcare Community at large in an effort to create solutions. 

The film Hidden Pain: America's Oral Health Crisis will be presented in schools, associations and conferences.

This project will use social media to encourage all stakeholders in the community to take action in two areas:

  • Increase access to affordable dental care in local communities by gathering funding from stakeholders.
  • Political action to fight for adult dental coverage to be included in Medicaid and Medicare.

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